Hello, I’m Loraine McCreery I am the founder of Little Inspirations.   

I have worked within the early years sector now for 15 plus years with a BA Hons degree in Early Childhood Studies and endless amount of additional training.  

Even with all this nothing prepared me for becoming a mum.  Wow, it really is a mind-blowing, incredible, joyful, inspiring, insightful, exhausting, adventure! It’s amazing how one little human can consume so much of your thoughts, time, and energy

With all this becoming a mum has brought a whole new fabulousness and purpose to my life.  I am blessed to have a gorgeous little boy and a very supportive partner. 

Without it sounding too much like a cliché there really is no other time that I enjoy more than when I am with my ‘wee’ family (even on the hard days).

I would like to dedicate the calendar to my sister.  

No matter what life throws at her she always manages to rise above her setbacks and embraces life to the full.  She is a great mother, loving aunty, and a devoted sister whom we all love very dearly.

“A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends.”

My goal for this website is to provide resources and tools that will help you feel good, keep you motivated through the hard days and give a little reminder that we are all doing a good job and that above all it is the little ones in your life that matter.

Please feel free to contact me.

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